Whats New In Analyst 2010 ?

What’s new in Analayst 2010.


  1. Analyst2010 has built-in support for both End-of-day as well as Intra-day. That means, existing EOD users, if wish to receive Intra-day data, just need to activate Intraday module by paying relevant charges. There is no need to download a separate application.
  2. Analyst2010 uses latest technology from Microsoft (.NET) which is supposed to give better visual experience, more stable & faster.
  3. Analyst 2010 has feature that allows user to link all open windows in Group mode. This means, the user can view charts with different templates, for example daily, weekly, monthly & Quarterly, in four windows simultaneously in Group mode.
  4. Addition of new useful & tested oscillators.
  5. Addition of Squareroot  grid.
  6. While drawing Trend Lines, no need to define points like (High-High or Low-Low) every time, just select combination once using ‘Snap’ on Trendline Toolbar and software will remember it for future use.
  7. Plotting of multiple (relevant) oscillators in the same window. There are certain oscillators which are always seen in pair & analyzed together. For example RSI Up & RSI Down, DI Up & DI Dn, Vortex+ & Vortex- oscillators. Now Analyts2010 allows to plot these oscillators in one window giving better visual analyses experience.
  8. Changing of oscillator is made easy. There is no need to select menu for Price, Volume & RSC, it is all there on single screen.  Also, there are no multiple pop-up windows, all the inputs are taken on same screen.
  9. The DataManager, which has Query Modules, is also using the .NET technology & is much faster now.
  10. Daily Data Update is possible by using either Automatic or Manual Download method.