Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management software


ComLine Products has developed a Fixed Asset Software primarily for tracking of Fixed Assets and also computing depreciations for all assets by various methods. The highlight of the software is, it is bar-code enabled. That is, the assets can have bar-codes and then software helps to perform Fixed Assets Audits. The software is installed at HO & maintains assets branch-wise. The software is being currently used by few well known co-operative banks in Mumbai.


·         Allows the user to enter all the assets and details of assets, Insurance details, original cost, WDV, location etc.

·         Allows user to classify assets

·         Allows user to define depreciation percentage as well as method of depreciation (SLM / WDV) for each asset

·         Generates unique code / barcode for each asset, which then can be stuck on the assets

Since all the assets are barcoded, auditing is fast & accurate. Barcode scanner can be used to scan the barcodes at each location and the file containing barcodes can be read directly by the software

·         Audit report is then generated to give list of assets matching with the Asset Master location, Assets not matching or found extra at a location etc

·         Captures transfer of assets information, where by an asset is transferred from one location to the other

·         Captures information related to asset being auctioned, scrapped or sold

·         Allows addition & deletion in the assets

·         Computes depreciation as per user defined period (monthly, quarterly etc)

·         Generates comprehensive mandatory & MIS reports that includes :-

·         Depreciation calculations & summary

·         Group summary

·         WDV register

·         Asset summary

·         Asset Transfer Register

·         Purchase / Sell register


The software has been developed using the latest .NET technology and uses SQL Server as the database.