Technical Analysis Software

Features of Analyst – Technical Analysis software from ComLine


ComLine developed its Technical Analysis software named Analyst almost 15 years ago and has been improving by incorporating features based on in-house expertise as well as suggestions from its users. The current version called Analyst2010 has built-in support for both EOD as well as Intraday operations. Following is a brief description of its salient features.


Analyst comprises basically 2 applications, viz. graphical application called Analyst’ and non-graphical application called DataManager’.


Analyst allows users to :

-    View Charts

-    View Charts in group mode

-    Updating data (EOD)

-    Run Intraday Alerts & Market Watch Queries


View charts: Analyst allows plotting of chart in 4 panes viz. Prize window on top and 4 Oscillator windows below.  Various features are available to user while viewing charts as listed below:

-    Bar chart, Line chart, Candle stick, Point & figure, Renko & Kagi

-    Drawing lines - Trendlines, Bollinger bands,  Speed lines, Fibonacci fan lines, Gann Grid etc

-    Plotting moving averages – user can plot any number of moving averages (simple, exponential, weighted) on Price as well as Oscillators

-    Assign different color to moving average & different lines. Also allows to change the thickness of lines.

-    User can view unfilled Gaps

-    It plots Parabolic SAR in Bar-chart mode and Hi-Low Activator in Candle Stick mode, which helps defining trend as well as Stop-loss.

-    Top/Bottom swings are plotted on the Price chart

-    Any factors as well as 52Week Hi/Low can be displayed on the screen

-    It is possible to plot certain oscillators in pairs in the same Oscillator window. It makes it easy for user to take a call on buying/selling.

-    It displays Gangotri figures automatically on the latest candle when different patterns are formed

-    The graphs displayed have an aesthetic looks & are soothing to eyes.


DataManager allows user to:

-    Connect & get intraday tick data

-    Back-fill data (up to 9 days)

-    Purge Intraday data

-    Add/Modify factors

-    Group Management

-    EOD Queries:

o       Technical Queries: This comprises Moving average cutting another moving average, Oscillator queries, Oscillator cutting another oscillator.

o       Advance Queries: This is  unique  and very powerful query added by ComLine for its users. It is used to identify sideways phase & trending phase of the security. It  allows the user to combine up to four different queries in a single composite query .The four queries could belong to different time frames( e.g. daily, weekly , monthly & quarterly) or same time frames ( daily ,daily ,daily & daily  etc.). There is flexibility in choosing query parameters according to user’s preference . This query  is explained separately.                                                                                  

o       Other Queries

-    Intraday Queries: These are pre-defined for user and user can define the period i.e. number of minutes, e.g. 10 min or 30 min etc. and the query will get fired automatically at the end of period every time during the day. ComLine can add new customized queries as per user request at a nominal additional charges.

-    Free Format Report

-    Update 52-week Hi/Low

-    Update Scrip names

-    Merge 2 scrips

-    Profit & Loss tester


Group management: Analyst allows user to create group / sub-group of his/her choice and then add stocks to these sub-groups.  In graph mode, user can select mode to view charts in group mode and then he will be able to select any group/sub-group. Analyst will open chart mode for the stocks in the sub-group one after the other. Analyst also supports multiple windows in group mode and all the windows will get updated in one go.